Homeless Street Counts

Each year the Rock County Homeless Intervention Task Force  (HITF) conducts two (2) 24 hour counts of the homeless population in Rock County. The purpose of the Point-In-Time  Count is to reach out to homeless individuals and families in Rock County with an immediate goal of providing emergency shelter and a long-term goal of eliminating homelessness. The information gathered is utilized for a number of reports that have a significant impact on the amount of funding that Rock County receives each year to combat homelessness.

What is a Point-In-Time Count?
A Point-In-Time, or PIT, count is a statistically reliable, unduplicated count of homeless persons for a one 24 hour period. This count is intended to include persons that are homeless who are living in emergency shelters, transitional housing, domestic violence shelters, or are unsheltered living on the streets or any other place not meant for human habitation. A PIT is intended to capture a minimum amount of
information on the homeless population in order to create a  “snapshot” of what homelessness looks like in a neighborhood, city, or state.

July 2017 Homeless Street Count Flyer

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