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Needs of Sheltered and Unsheltered Homeless

The Homeless Intervention Task Force of Rock and Walworth Counties evolved from several city and county groups that had been meeting on this issue. Members include representatives from public, non-profit, and for-profit agencies that provide and fund housing services. These include: the United Way, Rock County Department of Human Services, Rock County Crisis Intervention, the Salvation Army in Janesville, the Salvation Army in Beloit, Community Action Inc. of Rock and Walworth Counties, YWCA Alternatives Program, ECHO, House of Mercy, Caritas in Beloit, the Edgerton food pantry, and others. The Task Force meets monthly to discuss strategies for addressing shelter and housing needs for homeless and low income persons.
The Task Force originally met to discuss the implications of the North Rock County Homelessness Survey, completed in 1993. It was responsible for the subsequent Homelessness surveys completed in 1996 and 1999. It serves as the Continuum of Care for dealing with homelessness and works on coordinated grant applications to meet the identified needs.

The Homeless Intervention Task Force has adopted the following mission statement and goals:

Homelessness and housing instability are growing problems in Rock and Walworth
Counties. The Homelessness Intervention Task Force is a consortium of interested
people from diverse backgrounds who convene to proactively and meaningfully
ameliorate this disturbing problem. Members of the Task Force include representatives
of human service agencies, businesses, local government, citizen groups, and service

To work together to achieve stable, permanent housing for all residents of Rock and Walworth Counties.


  • Coordinate the efforts of participants to develop an effective and efficient continuum of care addressing all elements of homelessness.
  • Collect and analyze data to increase understanding of the dynamics of homelessness in the two county area.
  • Increase resources available to effect our mission.
  • Increase knowledge and awareness of the nature and dimensions of homelessness such that:
    1. Consumers are aware of the help available.
    2. Providers and other citizens are aware of the need and of avenues to address the need.
    3. Public policy decisions reflect an accurate awareness of the needs of homeless people.

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